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What Clients Are Saying

Tom M., Vienna, VA

Andrea helped us plan for our master bathroom and master bedroom remodeling project.  She was fantastic in assisting  us with all aspects of the project in selecting every item and detail necessary.  The time savings and guidance with her help made the project so much easier on us.  We ended up with an amazing finished product.  I would recommend her to anyone considering any sort of home project.  Andrea is very responsive, provides great thoughts/ideas/suggestions, follows through  on promises and will do whatever you need to help see the project through to a successful conclusion.

Susan C., Washington, DC

I only have great things to say about Andrea and how much she helped me and my family. 

My Father died suddenly and we ended up having to move my elderly mother out of her large home into a smaller apartment and eventually into her Independent Living apartment. Their house was filled with beautiful furniture and antiques and my Mom and us daughters had certain things we really wanted to keep and be able to see when we spent time at her place.

With both moves, Andrea helped so much.  She not only helped in keeping a lot of my parent's furniture by laying it out in the right way in each room, but actually came to each new apartment and taped the shapes on the floor so we could see how things would actually look before everything was moved. This helped so much as we were dealing with so many other things. 

Andrea also helped us pick the paint colors and the window treatments. She brought them all to my mom's place to make it easer and patiently walked through all of the options. My Mom is very particular but Andrea was so good with her and built my Mothers trust.

Thank you so much Andrea!

Rocio P., Centreville, VA

I used Andrea on two separate occasions. The first was for our first home. Being our first home, it was small and dated. So Andrea focused on what the highlight of the home was and it was the bay window in the living room. She created modern yet classic blinds that EVERYONE loved. She also matched the colors perfectly with our new couch that she also helped to pick out. 
Once we sold that house, she helped us pick out paint colors and pick out window treatments. We built our second home to our taste and we wanted something that would catch everyone's attention. Our formal dining room looks bold and yet is very inviting. Our window treatments do a great job of keeping the light out and they look great in the process. I love Andrea and everything that she has done. I knew what I wanted and she worked well with me in that regard yet she always knew just what to recommend. I love coming home everyday and couldn't of done it without her.

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